Another Chapter In The Wild West Adventure

After years of dreaming and praying about a move, little over four years ago, we finally moved to Colorado.  I grew up in Colorado but after attending college in South Carolina, it appeared that we were destined to live in the South for the remainder of our lives.  No offense meant to the South or the wonderful folks who live there, BUT, I was a western girl through and through.  We tried and tried to get back to Colorado and nothing seemed to work.  Finally, we gave up!  and THAT is when things started to happen.

Now, after living here for a little over four years.  God seems to be changing things up just a bit.  In April John’s job in financial project management, was abruptly eliminated along with most of the senior finance staff of his company.  You know the drill…….reduction in force and costs!  Many people around the country have been affected by the current state of our economy. To make a long story short, instead of feeling worried and nerveous, we felt excited and looked forward to seeing what NEW thing God had for us.

It’s definitely been a season of change!  We have our two older sons get engaged and married within eight weeks of each other on opposite sides of the country.  We’ve had a change in long time leadership at one of our Artios Academies in Georgia as God led leaders to new projects and endeavors.  We have a son starting his senior year of high school.  We’ve lost my grandmother and her sister within weeks of each other and now, we are facing a career change that affects the whole family.

At this point, you may be asking, WHAT does that have to do with a blog titled, “The Beginning Farmer’s Wife”.  Well, that’s just it!  In changing careers, God has opened some amazing doors and as of September 1st, we will be moving just a bit down the road to begin managing a ranch.  Yes, you read it right!  John, Lori, and our two younger sons are moving to a ranch on September 1st.

The ranch at this time is primarily a horse ranch.  As you may or may not know, we have been around horses and cared for horses for years so that’s not such a big change, but rather the change lies in John’s main focus on horses and ranching.

It’s strange how this all seems to work together toward dreams and goals that we have been talking about for years.  Our third son’s desire is to breed and raise horses and cattle so this is a great starting point for him and to top it all off, a guest house/facility on the property makes it possible for John and I to host an Artios version of “L’Abri” called THE Artios Outpost beginning in the summer of 2011.

In light of all the changes that we will face over the next few months as I begin the life of a “rancher’s wife”……..I thought it would be amusing and perhaps a bit entertaining to share my experiences and my thoughts through this blog.  Although I lived in Colorado growing up and spent lots of time in western Kansas, and although I have been back out here for over four years living on acreage with horses, chickens and the like…..all in the middle of “nowhere”, I have a feeling that this move and transition is going to hold some challenges and excitement that will be well worth documenting.

So, I hope you will join me over the next few months as I learn the routine and rhythm of being a “BEGINNING Rancher’s Wife”.


One thought on “Another Chapter In The Wild West Adventure

  1. I and June wish you the best in your new adventure. If anyone can succeed it will be you and John. GOD is truly good. Thanks for sharing.

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