Another dawn, Another day!….and ALOT of boxes!

I like to think that I don’t keep things I don’t need.  However, everytime we have ever moved, I have had to face the fact that we are surrounded by collections of items that we really don’t need.  As I pack each box to head towards the ranch, I am reminded over and over again how much we have as a family and as a nation.

I’m trying to sort in order to give away and throw away.  Today as I was packing I began with the china and saw the beautiful china that I purchased at my Great Aunt Florence’s sale right before she moved into assisted living.  Aunt Florence passed away in the past several weeks and that china is even more precious than before.  Funny how when a “thing” is associated with a precious person, it takes on new meaning.

Anyway, today I’m facing boxes and boxes and trying to get some packing done before we head to Frisco tomorrow for Jordan’s MRI and his placement tests at CMC for dual enrollment.  Hoping to end tomorrow with something fun and lighthearted down in Denver…..and watch the Rockies wallop the Braves.  We’ll see!


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