What in the world?

Today is one of those days when I have to stop and ask…..WHAT IN THE WORLD are we doing?  and more specifically, WHAT IN THE WORLD am I doing?

Today I spent all day working on writing curriculum for our Artios Academies program.  All around me are boxes waiting to be moved to the ranch, and even more closets, shelves and cupboards that are still WAITING to be packed up.  I feel a bit caught between two worlds.  Does that sound weird?  On the one side, is the me that loves to read, write, admire beautiful things, play classical music on the piano and attend theater performances and classical music concerts.  On the other side, is the me that likes to be outside, to be around the horses, to can fruit and vegetables, to grow things and yes, even to get a bit dirty.

I’m moving to a ranch!  Yes!  It’s JUST beginning to dawn on me.  I may know horses and chickens but NOT cattle, pigs, and goats.  I am a classical pianist and teacher…….how am I supposed to help my sons and my husband run a ranch?  That’s when you will find me sitting in “my chair” just staring and shaking my head.  Am I up for learning new things yet AGAIN?  Exactly WHAT is God doing here and how does my past intersect and merge with the future?

You know what….I really canNOT think to far ahead.  I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and focus on what I know God has put before me to do and to LEARN today.  Greater is HE that is IN me……..!!!


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