You may or may not know that we purchased an Australian Shepherd named OSCAR back at the end of June for the purpose of helping us with the horses and chickens.  Sure enough, his herding instinct is amazing and even horses, 10 times bigger than he is will do what he asks them to do, at least MOST of the time.

However, we have not had as good of luck with the chickens.  Oh YES!  He herds them…..but he doesn’t understand that he needs to be gentle and with one swipe of his paw on their neck….well, you can imagine the results!  Thus, we have been looking for someone that specializes in training this type of dog and honing the herding instinct.  I think we have found a lady down in Denver who can do it.  She starts first with the dog herding goats and then moves to other animals after that.  Since we want OSCAR to work with goats, chickens, cattle AND horses, this will be a real help.  SO, excited to get that started.  It’s an amazing thing watching him work with the horses now, can’t imagine how cool it will be to watch him work with other animals too.  He LOVES having a job……and I LOVE watching him do his job.

Will keep you posted on Oscar’s progress!


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