And so it begins!

We are here!  Don’t know what we are going to call “here” yet……but we are definitely “here”!  I arrived about 8:15 yesterday morning so that I could be here for all the installations …… yep, we can get direct TV and internet here.  And, it IS fall and the baseball playoffs are just around the corner so YES we have direct TV.  AND, guess what, believe it or not our internet is faster her……2-3 times faster.

I saw John, Jordan and Jared coming down the road to the ranch around 1:30.  John was driving a Uhaul truck and pulling a trailer behind him and Jordan was driving his truck pulling the horses in a trailer behind him.  I think they finally finished unloading (with the help of some dear friends) around 6:30. Fortunately, my good friend had sent over dinner with her husband and boys and so we sat down to eat around 8:30.  The boys were TOO excited to eat before that as they wanted to set up their rooms. You must remember that it has been over 4 years since they had a room…..much less their OWN rooms so they could hardly contain themselves.  I got the kitchen in at least manageable and working order before going to bed………and tried not to think of the cleaning that awaits me back at the “old” house”.  Plus there are a few things left…..pesky odds and ends AND of course two cats and over 20 chickens.  Now THAT should be interesting!

You know……I really did push myself this time around.  I think that for a couple of years now, after some pretty trying circumstances emotionally, I have let myself off the proverbial hook by using the excuse:  “I’m so tired”.  WIth this new adventure, I’ve decided to push…….to see if I can’t MAKE myself do things I don’t think I can do……especially physically.  I guess you could say that thinking about what ranch life must have been like in this area even 100 years ago, makes me realize how “soft” I’ve become.  So, although it may not sound like much, I’ve been trying to go the extra mile by doing things that I would normally ask the guys to do for me.  Strangely enough, it felt good….well, at least at first and at least emotionally.

Today, however, I can hardly walk! Just goes to show how “soft” I must have become.  I went to bed hurting, worke up in the night hurting….and this morning, I’m still hurting.  BUT, I feel GOOD mentally.  I went to bed knowing that I had pushed myself and that I had accomlished everything I could.

Now, I know that there is such a thing as trying to do to much……physically, mentally AND emotionally. I know that well.  Those of you who know me, know that I can tend to be the QUEEN of the UNIVERSE in that particular weakness.  However, I know that at least physically, I’ve been using my mental and emotional tiredness as an excuse not to push my self physically.  Guess what?  Over the past couple of weeks, as I’ve pushed through that I have gained some strength mentally and emotionally too. Funny how God made us a complete and integrated individuals and that no area in our life is completely isolated from the other.

As I’ve been typing this up, I’ve been sitting in the living room, watching the shadows on the mountains gradually move down the mountain sides as the sun comes up in the east.  Beautiful shades of pink, red, blue and purple and now, the valley and mountains are full of beautiful, bright sunshine.

Well, must get the day OFFICIALLY started.  More news to come in future days…just think….the chickens will join us today.  That in and of itself will provide a TON of story fodder.

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