First Day At The Barn

Well, yesterday was our first day to take over the barn and all the boarders!  Interestingly enough, ALL the guys left for a 14’er hike around 5:30 a.m. so I was the one to handle the barn and horses on my own the first day out!  Ten horses to feed, water, muck for and then turn out!  Guess what!  I did okay!  One of the horses gave me a bit of trouble!  She is a high strung mare and since she doesn’t know me well, she really didn’t want to come close to me.  SO, I left her alone in the barn for awhile after all the others were turned out and came back about two hours later and she was ready to go.  Whew!

Got all the “poop” in the wheelbarrow and took it out to dump it in the trailer on the back of the Polaris to haul out to where we spread it on the pasture, and realized, I didn’t know how to get the trailer part maneuvered so that I could dump into it AND I didn’t know how to start the Polaris so, that is one thing I left for the guys when they got back.

Jessica and I drove into BV to meet the guys for burgers at K’s after their hike and then we all went back to the “old” house to pick up the chickens.  Now THAT was funny!  All these boxes in the back of the trailer….each box had two chickens in it……and at first they are all making noise, pecking at the boxes…and the box with the ROOSTER in it kept moving around…….it was quite funny!  However, we arrived back at the ranch after dark with all chickens alive and kicking.  For now, we put them in one of the stalls of the loafing shed until John can build a bigger coop.  Our little flock continues to expand to try and keep up with our family AND with Jared’s booming egg business.

We also brought one of the cats back with us last night.  Patches is here and in the tack room for the night, but we couldn’t find Ranger so we will try again when we are back there on Wednesday.  We go back Wednesday to prepare the house for our first vacation guests.  This is quite an adventure.

I actually got some curriculum work done early yesterday morning too which was a relief as I’m running a BIT behind.

Well, just wanted you to know that I handled the first morning of the barn ALL by myself.  I’m quite pleased…….HA!  Here’s to pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones!

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