The Talking Goat Merlin

I FORGOT to tell you about the goat on the ranch.  Right now, we have a goat staying on the ranch.  Merlin (the goat’s name) is kind of a surrogate parent for one of the colts whose mama died a few days after childbirth.  Merlin is a billy goat in EVERY sense of the word.

Well, the day I did the barn chores in the morning by myself.  I kept looking over my shoulder because I thought I was hearing someone talking.  It was kind of freaking me out.  As I went out to move Kiddles from the corral to the arena, there was Merlin.  He looked at me as if asking what I wanted him to do.  Well, Kiddles (beautiful QH gelding) didn’t “feel” like coming through the gate into the arena for the day.  BUT, Merlin figured out what it was that I wanted and began standing behind Kiddles “talking” to him.  I have never heard a sound like that in my whole life.  It was so strange.  It TRULY sounded like you would think the wizard Merlin would sound as he was stirring a brew of some type of hocus-pocus brew.  Merlin kept “talking” to Kiddles and nudging his legs to communicate to the horse that he was supposed to be moving into the arena.

The weird thing is ….Kiddles listened to Merlin and obeyed him and came walking into the arena without me ever having to handle him.  I’m going to have to record Merlin “talking” and somehow put it online so that you all can see it.  SO, I learned a couple of things.  First, billy goats can act as surrogate parents/protectors for young colts……AND secondly, they can “talk”.

Hopefully, now when I hear this little old man voice in the barn I will not freak out and swing around to see who is in the barn, but rather, just strike up a conversation with Merlin, the billy goat.


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