A New Day!

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the Denver area.  Jordan had his follow up appointment with his rheumatologist.  Unfortunately, we did not get the greatest news, but more on that after we have had time to absorb and process things.  We also had alot of errands to run to make sure we had everything to get the “old” property ready for the first group of vacation rentals.  We really want to be able to make that work so that we can use that property to rent at reasonable prices to bless others with a place to get away and spend some quality time with friends and family.

I bought what I thought were the bare necessities but wow, it adds up.  Then I’ve been spending time trying to find the correct type of contracts, cleaning checklists, supply lists, and check out procedures that will make this process become pretty automatic for us.  It is the perfect property for even a small retreat for men or women to get away.  I’m hoping the word will spread….but I must admit I’m a bit anxious even though we are getting lots of inquiries and have a good booking schedule at this point in time.

As soon as we get that one prepared, we will move on to the cabin on this property and get it ready for rental during hunting and ski season.  Haven’t spent much time in it, so not sure exactly how I will set it up but it is SOOO cute and I look forward to getting that ready as well.

I also spent some time driving around Denver IN TRAFFIC looking for a piano.  The piano I moved here from Georgia four years ago did not do well adjusting to the dry climate.  Come to find out…it’s just better to leave a piano in a humid climate and buy a new one tha that has been already seasoned for a dry climate.  I THINK I found one and that I actually found a great deal.  Waiting to hear back from my piano technician on a few of my questions, but hopefully, I will have something to teach on here in the next week or so.

Yep, I’m teaching piano.  I have students down in Monument, Buena Vista and I’m hoping that I can pick up a few from this area and from Alma and Breckenridge.  I’m really enjoying it.  I think I would love it even more if people were able to drive up here from Monument and Buena Vista.  BUT, I’m trying to make it all work at this point in time or at least share the travel burden.

John spent a good bit of the day building a temporary wall for the downstairs so that we can establish the “parameters” of Jared’s room.  Of course, he spent a good bit of time outside with the horses and barn chores as well.  Quite a bit of repair work to do around here before the snow starts up:  fence line to pull or repair, a loafing shed to put back up that high winds blew down, a new chicken coop to build, etc. etc. etc.  Jared was right there with him yesterday helping John while Jordan and I were in town.  We didn’t get back until around 9 p.m.  Whew…I do NOT miss city traffic at ALL…but must admit that with the closest good grocery store 45 minutes away, even longer than at the old place, I’m having a bit of an adjustment period.

Woke up really early this morning, before the sun came up, and sat on the couch with coffee and watched the sunshine gradually move the shadows from the mountains.  Come to think of it, the sun came up without me worrying about it or wondering if it would be on schedule.  I’m really praying that as we move into something a bit different lifestyle wise and of course, make the adjustments necessary, that I will be able to face those adjustments and changes the same way……trusting in God’s sovereignty and knowing that He is ALWAYS in control.


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