one down….one to go!

Well, this post doesn’t have MUCh to do with the whole RANCH thing….but finishing getting the vacation rental ready for guests who arrive tomorrow, means that now, perhaps FINALLY I can begin focusing on getting unpacked and organized here at the ranch.  Both John and I spent the last two days at the old place finishing up alot of details and rearranging to accommodate vacation renters.  I’m soooo glad to be done.

We are due to REALLY start up with school this coming Monday and I have ALOT to get unpacked and organized before that can be done successfully.

In the meantime, hoping to purchase one of the former resident’s horses…..beautiful QH gelding.  He would be an awesome lesson horse and Jordan will soon be giving lessons.  He is currently taking some college level course work in Equine Management….and is really enjoying it.

Not much more to write today……but will put up pictures of how we configured the other house just as SOON as I can find the stupid cord that I need to do it.  It’s here in the boxes somewhere…….


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