Kiddles, Lacey and Farrah

Today was spent unpacking at the ranch, or at least trying to, and also spent trying to get organized and plans done for the first REAL day of school on Monday.  Lots going on around us.  The lady from whom we obtained the privilege of running the ranch has made one trip back to KY where she will be running another horse ranch there as well as raising and training show horses.  It is quite an ordeal to transport all those horses, their equipment, ranch equipment and of course personal items.  She and her horses leave on Monday and that will probably be the last time they are here.  She has been staying in the guest house since we moved in on the 1st.  In conversation with her this evening, we found out that three of her horses are for sale.  How we missed that fact before I don’t know.  So weird!  The fact of the matter is that we have been looking for a brood mare for breeding, a colt for Jordan to break and train, and a horse for John that could also serve as a lesson horse as Jordan begins to offer lessons.  Well, GUESS WHAT she is selling?  That’s right a Chocolate Palomino brood mare named Lacey, a blond palomino colt named Farrah, and a beautiful quarter horse gelding named Kiddles…and at a really great, GREAT price.

Question is….is the timing right for us.  Yes, it is a business expense……for the ranch……but is the timing right.  John and Jordan are taking horse and ranch management classes in order to become certified professional trainers and managers…..Equine Management at its finest. They are LOVING it and absorbing things really quickly.  We do have alot of experience with horses but this is taking things to another level……and they are both doing great.  Jordan got a 97% on his first college paper in the class he is taking. Anyway, these three horses would be great  income producers too.  Wow….lots to think about! John is going to work with Kiddles in the arena some tomorrow.

We also found out that we have a couple more boarders coming that we were not expecting so that is encouraging.  We spent some time today making sure we had procured enough hay and alfalfa for the winter for our horses and all the boarders.  Our usual supplier had already sold out….we had not gotten back to him as quickly as we should have because we were so distracted with the move. Thankfully we were still able to find what we needed and at a decent price too.  We still have about 50 bails left of the hay we brought with us as well.

It has been a beautiful couple of days but you can sure feel that fall is here.  The aspen are changing quickly and I think I will get on and tomorrow to run some Leaf Peeper specials to see if we can’t fill up some gaps on the vacation rental schedule.  Soon we will start working on the summer schedule for The Artios Outpost Central here on the ranch.  Excited about getting organized and on that.  Excited about getting school started.  Excited about starting to teach piano again this Tuesday and just excited in general.

Today also contained some work with email and phone calls regarding Artios Academies and some upcoming decisions and the start of the Home Companion classes this next week.  It was exciting to hear and consider all that is going on and to continue to make plans and set goals to really bring things up another notch or two.  John was working several hours on books and billing as well.  It

Just praying for wisdom and direction in all the things we are juggling and praying that we are sensitive to the priorities and focus that God has for us and the ways in which He wants us to use these opportunities to bring honor and glory to Him.  AND of course, we are learning alot every step of the way.

SO……I’ll keep you posted on the decision regarding Kiddles, Lacey and Farrah.  This is quite an experience for us…..learning what SO many farmers and ranchers have known for a long time…..that to survive and make it in a TRUE rural ranch or farm lifestyle requires quite a diversity of skills, knowledge and networking.


One thought on “Kiddles, Lacey and Farrah

  1. No way! That would be fantastic to get all those horses. Especially pretty Farrah, however rambunctious she may be…

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