A Very Full Week

It’s been a very full week.  I last updated the blog on Wednesday morning.  Since that time, John has met with the farrier who instructed him how to exercise one of the boarding horses that has some arthritis issues in her knees, Jordan has begun working with Farrah, the palomino colt: Lacy has been flirting across the pasture fence with Snert……as she is in heat….now THAT is interesting: Oscar got kicked by Snert because he wouldn’t leave Snert alone…and so he is limping a bit….but Vet says he will be fine…nothing major; John has contacted a trainer about moving her lessons etc., to our indoor arena and the trainer will stop by this evening around 8 p.m.; we found a Chinese place………albeit 45 minutes away, but we DID find one; the Yukon transmission has been fixed and I’m SO glad to have my car back; John is busy trying to put up fencing for the chickens so that we can let them out without fear of the coyotes that we hear even during the daytime; Jordan has been working with Snert and training him for cattle work; we’ve had more inquiries from vacation rental prospects; I’ve gotten through a TON more boxes and gotten things put away; I organized the store room; OFFICIALLY started homeschool; and…….etc.etc.etc.  OH….and today, I looked out and Jordan is dragging the OUTDOOR arena in his pickup in order to pull up any rocks and get the arena ready for riding lessons.

We are LOVING it!…..but I must admit that sometimes I’m just a BIT apprehensive knowing what it will take to make this work as we manage this ranch.  BUT, I’m resting in the fact that we are following God’s leading and excited about seeing Him provide.  You know the saying…..work like it depends on you….knowing all the while…that it we must depend on God.  (okay….so I altered it just a bit)

Here is to a great weekend…….and some funny stories for you on Monday!


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