This Old Rancher had a…..

Some of you have inquired as to what animals we currently have at the ranch.  So I thought I’d take a minute this BEAUTIFUL Saturday, and let you know.

Miss Bibbs – Dog – English Terrier Mix; Oscar – Dog – Australian Shepherd; Patches – Female Barn Cat; Ranger – Male Barn Cat; Lacy – Chocolate Palomino Mare; Farrah – Blond Palomino Filly; Snert – Gelding Quarterhorse; Tokie – Arabian Mare; and about 20 laying hens and the token Rooster who I TOTALLY believe is crazy!

Any plans for other animals you ask?  Why YES!  We plan on getting at least two calves to raise antibiotic and steroid free for meat and probably at least a couple goats as well…….but right now, that’s not top priority.  John has been outside trying to get some fencing up for the chickens to protect them from the coyotes until we can get Oscar better trained to be the watchdog for them.  Right now, well let’s just say that Oscar does HERD the chickens……but just a slight paw on their little scrawny necks……and well, you can imagine.  So, that’s something we are working on.

I’ve been trying to get through the rest of the blasted peaches that I said I was NOT going to work up this year….but alas, I got caught up in the moment and came home with two big boxes last weekend!  I don’t care if I EVER see another peach the rest of my life.  I know that tomatoes and apples are coming in soon but I think I will only work with tomatoes.  NOT because I just LOVE to….I actually dread tomatoes…they are SO messy.  However, my family LOVES my salsa and my tomato soup…and there is something about knowing that they LOVE what you cook that makes me want to can tomatoes all over again.

One thing I AM going to do is by some of those cushion mats for the kitchen.  There is tile in the whole kitchen/dining area and standing on it for long periods of time really seems to irritate my back.  SO, after I finish writing this blog, I’m going to go online and order some of those mats and THEN I am going to lie flat on the floor for awhile and try and get rid of this back cramps.

We did meet with that trainer last night!  John will have to work up some sort of agreement and application as well.  I think she could help me regain some confidence on the horse…..that I lost since I broke my shoulder a couple of years ago.  Funny thing how the memory of pain stays with you and keeps you from doing things that you didn’t think twice about doing before.

Wish we could find an auction around here and pick up some odds and ends very inexpensively.  I think that sometime this weekend I am going to make a list of projects around here and then prioritize them before I drive myself absolutely crazy!

Looking forward to our church group tomorrow.  We are still meeting in a home….but eventually I believe we will have a building.  I really am enjoying the community I feel with this group.  Not sure that I have ever felt that way before within a church group.  It’s a real blessing.

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