It’s Official!

Here are a few things that I now consider OFFICIAL!

1.  As of tonight, Jordan is OFFICIALLY an Eagle Scout after having what was described as a “flawless” Eagle Board of Review.

2.  I make an AWFUL peach matter what I try.  They are ALWAYS mushy and runny so I OFFICIALLY give up.

3.  I have OFFICIALLY bonded with one of the boarder’s horses.  She and I bonded during the wind/rain storm tonight.  BOTH of us were scared to death the barn was coming down on top of us.  Fear makes strange friends.

4.  I OFFICIALLY miss the Aspen at the other property.

5.  I consider myself an amazing PICKLE MAKER…….and OFFICIALLY crown my first foray into pickle making a HUGE success. EVERYONE LOVES my pickles…both the dill AND the bread and butter.  Who knew?

6.  I am OFFICIALLY starting to feel Jordan’s senior year sinking into my reality….because I find myself tearing up easily.  You would think by the third one it would be easier but no!

7.  I OFFICIALLY can’t find a VERY IMPORTANT box of shoes!  ARGH!

8.  I OFFICIALLY acknowledge that I will never catch up…at least not in this lifetime.

10.  I am OFFICIALLY excited about teaching piano down in BV tomorrow.

11.  I am OFFICIALLY tired and am OFFICIALLY calling it a day.

More later!

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