Meat……delivered fresh to our front door!

These are pictures of a sweet girl who boards her horse here…….the horse you see is not her horse….as her precious horse has been dealing with some arthritis issues.  However, she is getting better due to John working with the horse and doing daily stretching exercises.  The owners have been thrilled to see some improvement in the horse.  In the meantime, our boarder has been taking lessons on another horse named Delilah.  As you can tell in the pictures, it is fall here and the Aspen color has been amazing.

This morning began with a bang….while eating breakfast the dog came to the front door with a special delivery for us……he probably thought he had done something wonderful but I was mortified to see half of a rabbit in his mouth and then laid carefully on the deck.  Breakfast didn’t sound so good now…..and we all got busy on our day’s activities without further delay.

Seems like morning is quite a lively time here!  The other morning, I was fixing breakfast and looked out the window to see Snert (Jordan’s quarterhorse) out of his pasture (that has an electric fence) and running circles around the house.  Soon Tokie, Jared’s horse (Arabian) saw Snert’s fun and managed to get out too…..apparently we had left their gate open when we brought in two other horses the night before.  SO, the two of them together chased around the front part of the property with near collisions…but OH how beautiful it is to horses running.  Eventually, Oscar (yes, the rabbit killer) was told by John to go get Tokie and he did.  He herded Tokie back into their pasture……and then, Jordan was able to grab Snert and so life seemed to get back to normal.

Excited that we have one trainer who has decided to board here and another one coming to visit on Saturday.  Two other boarders will be coming in the next couple of weeks so that means life will start picking up in the barn and the chores.  Yesterday, John and I spent twelve hours running errands to and from Salida, picking up hay, alfalfa mix hay, feed, beet pulp and things for the rental cabin here on the property.  It’s always an education getting to know people who have lived here for a long time.  We got hay down in Salida from a man who also boards horses and at one time took care of 80 of them.  CAN YOU IMAGINE?  I’m getting callouses just thinking about it.  Anyway, he has a beautiful stud palomino with INCREDIBLE blood lines that might be a good mix for Lacey at some point.  Anyway, when John asked this man on the phone what his price per bale of hay was….he told John that it all came down to whether or not he liked John when they met.   HA!  Fortunately, for us he seemed to like John and we got a great tour of his property, met his horses and of course, learned ALOT just by listening.

Our stop at Murdoch’s should have bought us stock in their company as we walked out with a MUCH bigger investment that we had imagined……hackamore, head harness, reins, training harness, Safe Choice feed (5 bags so I got a free pair of Carhart jeans), a summer hat for John……(I tried to get him to buy one like Toby Keith but that didn’t go over at all)……sand clear, continuous wormer, beet pulp, and work gloves.  I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I CAN’T seem to forget the total.  What’s that saying…you have to spend money, to make money!  Well, we shall see!

I’m certainly working hard on the website for the ranch, vacation cabin, summer camps, and packages.  I hope to have it up sometime next week.  In the meantime, the other house is keeping us hopping with cleaning and resetting and that is a blessing.

In the meantime, on Tuesday night, while the guys were in BV for Scouts and I had just gotten settled inside after putting the horses up…..I heard what I thought was really loud meowing (but strange screaming sounding meowing, if that makes sense)….making loud noise didn’t seem to make it stop….so I went and turned on the outside lights.  It wasn’t coyotes, I hear them almost every night.  This was something different.  We actually think we had some bobcats on the property.  Wouldn’t surprise me!  We had about 25 antelope walk through the property the other night at dinner time!  LOVED watching that!  They are actually prong-horn and are the fastest animal in North America.  One of our friends was racing them in his car the other day and got up to 40 miles an hour.  WOW!

Well, just wanted to fill you in on our season change here, boarders, local wildlife, getting ready for winter, and of course, the “meat” delivered fresh to our door this morning.  One thing I’m learning is that each day seems to bring with it something a bit unexpected….so even though we PLAN, we have to remain flexible….equipment breaks, animals have unforeseen needs, unexpected guests or boarders….it all goes into making each day a fresh adventure.  Yep, that’s right….Saddle up your horses….We’ve got a trail to blaze!


One thought on “Meat……delivered fresh to our front door!

  1. What an adventure….saddle up and hang on!

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