Quick update!

Well, I can assure that with the increase in physical labor, there has also been an increase in everyone’s appetite and food consumption.  I feel like I’m cooking or have something cooking pretty much constantly.  I have to admit that I am enjoying it though.  So thankful to have a beef in the freezer and a pantry full of canned goods.  Still have some things to stock up on before the first snow….and John and I were just talking this evening that a change in weather seems to be in the air.  Some years by this time we have already had a snow or two….this year it has been unseasonably warm and absolutely beautiful.  However, with the change we are feeling, we are predicting a snow in the next couple of weeks.  It certainly doesn’t feel that way right now, but we can feel a change in the air.

Anyway, I want to share with you a couple pictures of my pantry and one picture of the most delicious turkey pot pie I have ever tasted…AND it was even pretty.

pickles, apple pie filling, applesauce, tomatoes, tomatoe soup, etc.etc.

apple butter, peach jam, apple jelly and more

I love having a walk in pantry. Can't WAIT to have it completely unpacked and organized...so I can loook at all of it at once! HA!

Delicious Turkey Pot Pie! used dark rye flour in the sauce and it made it taste sooo rich! Susually my baking does not look this pretty, so I HAD to take a picture. Lame, I know!

We took in another boarder (horse of course) over the weekend.  Izzy is a pretty black paint and quite lovable.  Looking forward to getting to know her.  We have been following up with other potential boarders and of course getting ready for the ones that we know are coming.  Had another trainer visit today and want to begin teaching here and got another call from a family wanting to rent out the arena during the winter to ride their horses while snow is on the ground.  We have started blanketing a couple of the show horses and of course, will do the same for the thoroughbred that is set to arrive in the next week or so.  We think we have located some used panels and gates to use out in the pasture and around the barn.  We also have calls in on some goats…can you believe it?  One of the trainers is going to work with me starting next week…..to try and build my confidence in the saddle….as I’ve been pretty gun shy since dislocating and fracturing my shoulder a couple of years ago.  That kind of pain would make anyone gunshy……at least that is what I’m telling myself.

Tomorrow is my day to teach piano down in Buena Vista….looking forward to it.  However, it is a very full day.  We had hoped to just take one car down on Tuesdays but until we get things more settled here on the ranch, I’ll probably come home around 6 so that I can put up the horses.

Tonight has been the most normal, well really the ONLY normal night we have had since we moved.  We actually had dinner at 6 p.m. and there were NO interruptions by horses or people…..and then, we are just “hanging out” tonight……no major projects that HAVE to be done before the sun comes up.  We all sat at the table kind of staring at each other wondering exactly what “normal” looked like…as it seemed we had forgotten.  Thankfully……as I’m typing this, Jordan is fiddling around and helping in the kitchen, and John and Jared are playing cribbage.  Maybe we will all get to bed at the “appointed” times tonight as well.

So as you can see….we are making progress.  Seems like we are learning LOTS OF THINGS EVERY day……..Today I asked John….”Do you ever stop and kind of ask yourself…..what in the world are we thinking and doing…..changing careers and lifestyles so dramatically at the age of 50 and 48…….”…..of course, John said he thinks it…..but no looking back.  It is something we feel confident that we are supposed to be doing at this point in time and that somehow it all ties together with what we do with the Artios program as well.  Don’t ask me for details about that yet…because we haven’t figured it out…but I can assure you that we are praying and thinking about it.

Talk to you soon!


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