Well..I’m up at 5 this morning.  Went to bed to the sound of incredible winds outside and woke up this morning to even stronger sounding winds.  Yesterday we had a new bed frame and mattress delivered in a box to the front door and when the winds started it blew that box all the way across our huge deck and has also blown the glass out of our porch light.  Our 17 year old is stuck in town because of the high winds and this morning the highway is closed because of them so it looks like he is stuck a while longer.  I have never heard such “howling”.

John was gone to scouts yesterday afternoon….and you guessed it, I was supposed to bring the horses in….and these winds had already started.  Now, if you don’t know this…wind to horses has the effect of a HUGE dose of caffeine.  So there I am with the horses, not going in their orderly way like they do for John…but ONCE AGAIN, they are running and carrying on, bucking and making a racket because they are all excited about the wind.  It was sooo weird to feel like I was having to lean into the wind to keep from getting blown over.  I managed to get three of them in…yep three out of eight….but once again, I had one “loose” in the “front yard pasture” and all the others ran right past me into the pasture with the free choice hay.  It didn’t matter to them that I was offering them hay and grain AND a nice warm stall…oh no…..they were having to much fun FROLICKING in the wind.  Thankfully, John got home and helped get them all in…and of course, they behaved for him and I was informed that I am going to have LESSONS from John on how to handle them in “frisky” weather.  Hee…Hee!  Something to look forward to!  By the way, even the little calf was running and jumping in the wind…I, however, was NOT!

Every time I write a blog I feel like I have to write something MEANINGFUL and INSPIRATIONAL…I’ve felt that so deeply that it has kept me AWAY from blogging at times.  OH the pressure of being meaningful and inspirational!  (just kidding).  However, this morning, it dawned on me…..that sometimes humor a giggle or two can be just as meaningful and encouraging as giving a “word”….and so this morning, I share with you yet another of my unsuccessful adventures into the world of “turn in” for these horses.   What’s that song…….”I WILL SURVIVE!”  HA!  but sheesh, what an unexpected learning curve for me.

So….today, if you are faced with some challenges and need a laugh, just think of me, alone on the ranch, in 50 plus mph winds…..chasing eight horses AND a calf around in the pasture trying to get them into their nice warm, nicely bedded stalls.  Surely, that will bring a smile to your face.





One thought on “Howling!

  1. Betcha feel a little like Laura Ingles Wilder! Stay warm!!!!

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