The wind has been horrific here over the past week or so. Yes, we have had a few still moments but as I sit here typing, it is once again HOWLING outside. We even ended up having a fire last night to take a bit of the windy chill out of the air.

A gentle, warm wind is one thing. It seems to have an almost cleansing feeling to it….blowing away worries and cares. However, a howling, cold, and bitter wind has a whole different feel to it. It buffets you……makes you feel out of control…..makes it difficult to stand and walk, and leaves you chilled to the bone.

Sometimes circumstances in life are like that as well! No wonder the disciples in the boat during the storm, wondered why Christ was so calm, and wondered why He was not responding to the storm and the wind faster. There is something very unsettling about strong winds…and yet, Christ was calm and content in the midst of them.

So what does this have to do with the ranch…and being a “beginning rancher’s wife”. Well quite honestly, there are times when I feel like the “wind” of life is constant……and that I’m just a small boat in the midst of a HUGE wind storm. I’m a bit rudderless in my learning curve here on the ranch….and that is sometimes unsettling. One minute I feel like I’m totally in my element and the next, I have no idea what I’m doing. Surrounded by new challenges and new experiences can be exciting and they can be exhausting as well. Right now, the word is “exhausted”……and I’m looking forward to warmer days and gentler winds.

One thought on “Wind!

  1. Well written!! Bless you in the storms of life. I remember you are like a palm that is resilient as the card said years ago which I made for you.

    Back from coffee.
    Love and prayers!

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