True Confessions!

Okay….I’ll admit it!

Although I’ve said, for most of my life, that I wanted to live where and how our family is currently living. It has been a bit of a struggle….okay, LATELY, it has been a BIG struggle…especially since moving to the ranch. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t WANT to be here doing what we are doing. It is more that it is such a departure from what we have done up until this time in our lives and the learning curve leaves me feeling a bit “overwhelmed” sometimes. Living on a ranch with animals and land is a 24/7 job and trying to leave it alone for even a day…..well, it’s quite a challenge.

There are times when I look around and think…….WHERE AM I? Am I dreaming? Am I in a time warp? What happened to the part of my life that involved teaching music and theater, directing choirs and productions, going to concerts, meeting friends for coffee or lunch, and a host of other activities and responsibilities. Yes, I’m still involved with the arts, but I’m administrating, I’m writing and coordinating projects and curriculum…..AND, I’m grooming, feeding, and riding horses, milking goats, gathering eggs, and shoveling manure.

PLEASE don’t think I’m complaining…..but PLEASE ALSO understand it’s been and continues to be a bit of an adjustment for me. Think about it……..from the green of Atlanta springtime…….to the unexpected spring snow storm of Colorado; from the shopping 5 minutes from our home in ATL, to the closest REAL grocery store being 50 minutes away; from a date night involving driving about 5 minutes to a nice place to eat……to not having a nice place to eat any closer to our home than 50 minutes. From feeling like I know TONS of people… consistently being the “new kid on the block.”

It’s been a continuing, adjustment journey. Some days are better than others…and with my “Contentment Project” ongoing…..I’ve been focusing on the things that bring true contentment. However, there are days when I just look around at our beautiful ranch and the surroundings…and feel like I’m a visitor in my own home. I know it sounds weird.

Good News Though! I ran across a book and purchased it on my Nook e-reader. (yes…thankfully things like that do work in our neck of the woods…albeit VERY slowly due to satellite internet) The book is about a writer from NYC ….totally involved in the NYC lifestyle UNTIL she marries a man that wants to move away from NYC and to Austin and eventually to a SMALL town, rural area of Texas…..FAR away from everything to which she had grown accustomed. The book describes her journey from wondering if she had “landed in Oz”… her total and complete embracing of the new lifestyle. Reading the book has helped me realize that transitions take time and they take extending myself some grace and some patience.

This is not a book that I’d recommend to everyone……but it has been a good read for me!

The Unlikely Lavender Queen: A Memoir of Unexpected Blossoming

Here is the review from Publisher’s Weekly:

From Publishers Weekly
Arriving in Manhattan for a McCall’s magazine summer internship when she was 21, Ralston was smitten with big-city life. Soon she had the career of her dreams, a Chelsea apartment, even a film student fiancé. Then, on a feature assignment for Life, she met Robb, a photographer for National Geographic, and her life was up-ended. Before long, Ralston was leaving her boyfriend and New York City, to move with Robb to his home state of Texas. They settled first in Austin, but Robb wanted a less urban lifestyle, so they bought land with a creek and an old stone barn in the Texas Hill Country. Robb’s busy schedule of international photo shoots left Ralston in charge of house renovations, hardly her forte. Then Robb had his next idea—they’d raise lavender on their limestone-rich land, which was similar to the soil of Provence. Ralston agreed, provided they start having children. Together, they began a successful niche-industry, growing and processing lavender into a variety of marketable products. In this satisfying and enjoyable story, the reluctant Ralston eventually falls in love with their fields of lavender. (May)


Hey… sure and look at the pictures from yesterday’s post. Then you really WILL wonder if I’m crazy….and what in the world I’m struggling with adjustment wise! HA!

One thought on “True Confessions!

  1. You have a great start to another book!! Keep up this really wonderful blog!

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