Milk and Cheese

Yesterday, all of our official milking supplies showed up. Of course, we had to look up what everything was since we had no idea. We had purchased a milking kit which included a pail with lid, steel funnel with filters, udder cleaning supplies and a few other odds and ends. We had purchased some other first aide supplies and of course, a cheese making kit….along with three books…one of which is backordered.

One of the books that came in covered raising meat goats…..and the other contained alot of cheese recipes. The cheese kit had rennet, cheese cloth, strainer and a bunch of other stuff that I have no idea when or how to use so I will be following the instructions pretty closely for awhile. I even watched some cheese making videos on youtube last night. I really want to get started but Tallulah’s production has quite caught up with demand yet. We’ve been trying to separate the kid from her during the night to let the milk build up for a morning milking but the kid continues to find ways to get in with her mama.

We are going to use the kitchen in the cabin to make all the goat milk products so I’m trying to get that set up in between all the other things on my to do list. HA! AND, we are currently taking applications for goat shares in our goats and their products. : )

One thing I did find out is that there are MANY opinions about milking and about making cheese so chances are, I’m just going to have to find my way through the process. Looks like we are going to pick up another doe and kid next week so that will help with milk production amounts as well. We have been putting the goats in the round pen when it is warm… that they can get some sun and of course temporarily, until we can get some more fencing up.

Had to separate two of the horses, Farrah, (the palomino youngster) and Zander. Zander is the old man of the barn and does not have alot of patience with our resident youngster. She, on the other hand, just can’t take a hint, when it comes to getting out of Zander’s way… he kicked her one day, and took a hunk of flesh out the next. SO, obviously, they are now separated.

Today, I’m going to try and get some more pictures of the goat…and of Jordan’s training horse, Bliss! Hopefully, I will post them later today.


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