Easter in the Snow!

I’ll try and put up a picture later….but just wanted you to know that after our beautiful sunrise service up close to Boreas Pass, we had a wonderful community breakfast followed by the annual Easter Egg hunt. It was amazing to see people come from all around this rural area to attend the service. There had to be about 200 people show up. Why is that so amazing! Well, first we were “in the clouds” and I mean the entire valley was covered with clouds…that were on the ground! Secondly, they all came to the sunrise service in about 4 inches of snow……yep, we wore our snow boots and drove in our four-wheel drives to the Easter Sunrise Service. BUT WOW, you should have seen the view of the sunrise from atop that mountain overlooking the cloud covered valley!

The Easter Egg hunt was held in the snow and the eggs hidden in the snow. Hilarious! That afternoon, we experienced snow, rain, hail and sleet ….followed by sunshine. Very similar weather occurred yesterday and today we woke up to 2 more inches of snow. This is crazy!

No wonder they tell us NOT to plant anything outside until at LEAST mid-June! and THEN, to do mostly winter veggies!

Tallulah is now giving almost a quart of milk in her morning milking. J4 is SO excited. We are only milking in the morning since Tallulah is still nursing Cuddles. Two more goats will join the family after J3 leaves for his summer wrangling job!

In this area, our high school baseball team travels an average of 2.5 hours one way for every game. Because of that EVERY game is a double header. Our high school does not have its own field so we borrow a rec field which isn’t regulation size…..and because we don’t have our own field EVERY GAME is an away game. Sounds rough….but it’s been SO awesome and really great to meet other families that travel that distance to see their guys play. This week is a big week in that area of our lives…..I’ll keep you posted.

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