Life moves so fast…..

Well, I have to say that I have not been doing much “ranch” work the past couple of weeks….nothing except pasteurizing goat milk. Why? We’ve been up to our eyeballs in baseball games (all our games are away…and I mean 2 plus hours away)…..and graduation preparation. Last weekend J3 performed his senior project, “Does America Still Need the Cowboy?”…….and had a graduation celebration here……and this week we head to Georgia where we will have the Eastern seaboard set of graduation celebrations and performances.

You might wonder…….(or you might not)….how I’m doing with the knowledge that one more is leaving the “nest” and that I’m down to just one at home? My answer: I’m not ready to talk about it….can’t verbalize it……but I ASSURE you I’m feeling it DEEPLY.

SO……I doubt there will be much put up on this blog until after the May 14th celebration. Until then….I hope you are enjoying spring weather! HA!


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