Mozarella Cheese? NOT!

So today…I took a gallon of the freshly pasteurized goat milk that Tallulah has produced and I set about on my first attempt at Mozarella Cheese! I had a successful attempt at making Chevre so why not mozarella. I used rennet and citric acid to produce the curds. Trouble is….on the as stove, I had trouble maintaining the correct temperature when heating the milk using the double boiler……and then apparently, I was also TOO rough with the curds when using the heat method to develop the texture. It still tastes good….so I THINK I get a 4 out of 5 for taste….but for presentation…..I think I would be lucky to be given a one. Will have to try again soon.

From the whey which was left over from making the mozarella….I then made goat ricotta cheese….which was just as easy and successful as the chevre was……I will be doing that again. That way, NONE of the milk product that Tallulah produces will go to waste. I used lemon juice to produce the small curds for the ricotta…..and that was a breeze.

Never fear….I will keep trying until I get proficient. One of the things that makes me the happiest these days is cooking with REALLY fresh ingredients. Looking forward to this summer when other, more successful gardeners and farmers, sell their produce and I can make all kinds of good stuff. Trouble is…..there will only be three of us at home since as soon as graduation is over J3 leaves for his job on a wranch. BUT, that’s another story……and one that I can’t talk about yet, without getting teary… on to bigger and better things! : )

Have a great day!


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