Long Time No See!

Well….as you can see, I haven’t been posting much lately. There has been ALOT going on.

Son #3 did his senior project in Colorado.
Son #3 performed his senior project in GA and graduated from high school.
Son #3 has moved to a ranch job in Kremmling, GA
Found out I’m going to be a grandmother to a BABY GIRL…..it’s a miracle.
Athletic Awards dinner for SPHS
Lots of activity over at the Singletree Outpost.
College baseball recruiting camp for son #3
HUGE decisions to be made in various areas of life.
Adding more goats to the “herd”
Boarders coming and going with the season change
Attempts to get ready for summer ranch activities involving agritourism

Sorry I haven’t been on top of the blog…..but now, that school is done and graduation and end of year activities complete, I hope to focus more on this blog……SO, thanks for your patience……!…and I’ll be back soon!


2 thoughts on “Long Time No See!

  1. Christopher Ottinger

    Don’t you mean Kremmling, CO?
    and congrats on it all!

  2. Uh…..oh dear! YES…I mean Kremmling, CO and you should SEE the scenery Chris….it’s amazing! When are you coming back out here bud?

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