Tackling things one at a time!

As I mentioned in a previous post, adjusting to life after the move to this ranch has been a bit challenging to me. It’s not that I regret the move…it’s more that I’ve just had a bit of a challenge adjusting to the way the days flow. One thing that has been exceptionally challenging for both John and me is the number of projects, URGENT projects, that sit here and stare us in the face every day. Where to start…..where to focus……and how to STAY focused amidst all the things that come up unexpectedly….things like: a sick/injured animal, unexpected change in weather, an unexpected boarding customer, concerns from another business we own, and the list goes on. It seems like even when we plan a day out……something happens to mess up those plans.

With baseball season behind us (John coaches the local high school’s baseball team) and son #3 settled up at his wrangler job at a ranch close to Kremmling, CO……and of course, the fact that SCHOOL is over….I’m really hoping we can tackle some of those projects that have been looming. Things like finishing the chicken “castle”, putting panels in new places around the ranch, building a fenced area (beside the round pen) for the goats, pulling loose fence line around the property, getting ready for an upcoming event on the ranch: Ranch Fair 2011, working with Bliss, Farrah and Lacey on their training, general cleanup after the winter storms and winds and again….the list goes on and on.

With the dawn of summer, our boarding customers are leaving the barn to be moved closer to their owners and of course they don’t need our facility while the weather is good. A bit scary losing that income over the summer. The plan is to develop multiple streams of income that come from the use of this property and so we are doing ALOT of research right now. We are expanding the goat herd to include another doe in milk and her kid. They will come in today……
Then, we plan on a trip to the Springs to meet another ranching family that raises Dexter cattle…….

Dexter Cattle Picture

Yep…they are miniature cattle….if you can call a full-grown 600 lb anything…”miniature”. The great thing about them is that they produce more meat per live weight than regular cattle and they are much lower maintenance. SO, we shall see what we find out. They are bred to be either milk or meat cattle. I do love learning all this stuff…but oh my, just the learning curve is full time.

Well..that’s it for today!


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