When the hay runs out……

Well, we are probably five to six weeks away from the summer’s first hay cutting…..and because we took on some extra boarders over the winter and gained another horse ourselves….and because some boarders decided to borrow some when they left for the summer…..we are short on hay.

It’s not a good feeling to make call after call trying to find hay……knowing that there are five goats, one cow and five horses expecting to be fed each day. Don’t worry! We will find some…..but I’m sure we will pay a premium until the first cutting comes in.

BUT, knowing that those animals are dependent on us got me to thinking. If you have read some of my blogs in the past you will remember that I am a HUGE Laura Ingalls Wilder fan. I grew up wishing that my name was not Lori…but rather, the elegant sounding Laura. I wished with all my heart that I had been born at the same time as she was so that I could have experienced the same thrill of going west into new and unsettled country. But, as I was rationing out the hay this morning until John came back with more bales, I started thinking of those Little House books once again. The times when for reasons beyond their control and due to either weather, finances or location, food supply was low for the family and for their animals. BUT, you know….replacements of ANYTHING was not easily available and if it was a weather related shortage…then everyone around them would be short on supplies….and it could take months to have things brought in from other areas of the country. SO, what would they do……let the animals scrounge for pasture which was already barren, would they just let their animals get very thin right along with the family.

What a challenge being TRULY dependent on weather and land must have been!


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