Reinventing Yourself Lately?

I just finished reading the auto-biographical book written by the blogger, The Pioneer Woman. It was a great read and I enjoyed it cover to cover. (if I can say that since I read it on my nook)
At any rate, she used a phrase in her book that I’ve heard alot lately: “reinventing yourself”.


I CERTAINLY feel that my life has had alot of transitions lately……but “reinventing myself?”
I am not sure I understand. Just because I am at a different stage in my life….or am being asked to do things I haven’t done before…..does that mean I’m being “reinvented”. (By the way…does an ending punctuation go INSIDE or OUTSIDE a quotation mark?!)

AND….doesn’t the word “invent” indicate something NEW….so how can something NEW be REDONE and still be invented? These are the sort of thoughts that I have.

At any rate, I LOVED the book and HIGHLY recommend it! I totally related to her in many ways…..and whether I agree with the term as most people define it…..I think that life has a way of “reinventing” us multiple times throughout our lives.

I’d love to hear about your “reinvention” adventures! It’s nice to “hang together” while we are transitioning, reinventing, redefining…or WHATEVER you want to call it!


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