Bed, Barn and Breakfast!

Yep….I think that’s where we are headed with regard to the use of the cabin, barn and property. In addition to the horse boarding, cattle and goat share programs, this seems to be the best fit for our lifestyles and personalities.

I think we have a lot to offer with the Colorado Trail and Lost Park trail systems so close and of course, you don’t HAVE to have a horse to stay in this bed and breakfast. There is gold medal fishing with the nearby rivers, lakes and resevoirs. Imagine having access to all that but being able to return to your bed and breakfast and NOT having to camp. Win-Win for ALL involved.

People think of us as living in a remote location…..maybe it’s the setting. However, we are only an hour from C470 and 285 in Denver……and an easy drive at that. As I finish getting things put together for this use of the cabin, I’ll start posting pictures. We are using the cabin as a bunkhouse through the end of July to house all of our interns that are coming into town to work at the camps and Outposts…….but come August……it’s Bed, Barn and Breakfast for us!


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