These little critters live EVERYWHERE this time of year. You can look across the valley and see hundreds of them pop up from their burrows underground and sit looking at their surroundings. You can see them chase each other around the pasture…..AND, you can see the evidence of their digging everywhere you go.

Why do we call them squishies you might ask? Well….first of all, I don’t know their real name. They are kind of a cross between a prairie dog and a squirrel…but are really neither of those. But, honestly, we call them “squishies” because we often see them squished on the road.
Not a pretty or profound reason…..but it works for ALOT of us out here dealing with these critters that LOVE to eat up our gardens.


One thought on “Squishies!

  1. Folks here call them ground squirrels. They look to me like a prairie dog/squirrel/stripeless chipmunk. And they are making a mess of my yard as well.

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