Lily……a goat possessed!

Well, the house is REALLY quiet this morning. Our company has headed back to Atlanta, son #3 has headed back to his job at a ranch near Kremmling, and son #4 is at Scout camp. Hubby is still asleep and our house guest is still sleeping (she’s staying for a few weeks to learn more about ranch life and horses….and wants to work in and around kids, horses and camp ministries!) So, I’m sitting here in the quiet trying to get up enough nerve to go to the barn and start milking Tallulah and Lily….our two goats who are currently in milk. Tallulah is not a problem. She jumps onto the stand, begins eating her feed, and quietly stands for however long it takes me to finish milking her.

LILY, however, is a completely different story.

Yesterday, after keeping her separated all day from her baby, Clover, we struggled to get her on the stanchion, had to put straps both above and below her head to keep her from trying to get out or worse yet, from trying to lie down and then, John has to sit there and hold her back legs while she struggles to kick while I clean and begin milking her.

BUT, the most frustrating part of it all is that she has figured out how to keep her milk up and not let it down…..out of sheer SPITE! So there I am, yep, there I am, massaging her udder, and dry milking for what feels like an eternity and getting NOTHING and yet her bag is as tight as a basketball. SO, in desperation we go get Clover who promptly waltzes up to her mama and begins nursing. After a few minutes, we pull Clover off and GUESS WHAT? Milk is flowing freely! ARGH! I begin milking and once again she is kicking, trying to lie down and being obstinate in every way imaginable.

SO, why do we continue! Well….we really want to do a goat share program…..and this is just part of it. PLUS, may I just tell you that while our company was here we went through about six pounds of various flavors of goat cheese. Price that in the supermarket and you will realize that having that option right here on the ranch for the cost of feed can be VERY motivating.

SO….I must gut it up once again to head to the barn and work with Lily, the possessed goat. OY! My back and neck hurt just thinking about it and I guarantee I’m on my way to having “man hands” if she doesn’t break down and start being at least a little submissive.

Submission! Now, that’s a whole different story!

Have a great day!


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