So much going on!

A week from today, the Artios Outpost Christian arts camp starts in Denver. That means that this week our house is full of interns, planning, playing and some purposeful discussions on Worldview using the book: Arts, Entertainment and Christian Culture by Jerry Solomon.

One of the things that I enjoy most about the property that we are currently living on and managing is the fact that we can entertain groups of people so easily and that just being away from the city, the hustle, and the normal routine of their lives, people come here and enjoy being SURROUNDED by God’s creativity and seeing His character displayed through various aspects of creation.

Yesterday, after we got home from church, we had Sunday dinner (lunch depending on where you grew up) and then spent the afternoon putting teens on horseback. Again, so thankful to be able to share that with others and to watch the joy and excitement that comes from working with and around horses….and honestly, animals in general. Since Jared’s horse was being used for guests, we looked over to discover that he had gone to riding goats. Such fun! ….that is until Jordan took a bucking bronco ride on Bliss….the horse he has been breaking/training! M child’s life flashed before my eyes and probably before all that watched the incident. He held on for a good 4-5 solid bucks…….but as she headed to the fence and the embankment of the outdoor arena…..she twisted one way and Jared twisted another and off he came. I imagine he will be sore today…but so thankful he was okay.

Anyway…I digress!

So much going on around here….and to be honest, I’m enjoying it being that way. Looking forward to another great day around the ranch…preparing for a small arts day camp tomorrow here at the ranch….kind of a “dry run” before next week. The interns don’t need a “dry run”…they’ve already done two weeks worth of camps in Georgia….I, however, want to see them in action and wrap my head around a few things as we run the day camp tomorrow.

In the quiet of this morning…..I feel gratitude for the opportunity God has given to work in this area that brings me such delight……and to have a property that lends itself to sharing with others.


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