And the cow jumped over the……WHAT?

We got home from a day of hiking with the interns….only to find out the steer, or “Foodie” as J4 would call it, was missing. John and I rode all over various surrounding properties to find “Foodie”….but to no avail. As the sun was setting, we figured he would meander home by the next morning for feed.

However, the next morning….NO STEER! All I could think was that we had lost close to a year’s supply of beef. I sounded like Ma Ingalls…..”Charles, what are we to do? That was our meat supply.”

Fortunately, we got a call from a 4H leader that said the rancher across the highway had our steer. They had found him mixed in with their heard…which means he had to get out of our fence…..and through TWO other sets of fencing in order to get to the destination where he was found. Now, I know that an 800+ pound steer can’t jump fences…..but getting through THREE sets of fences….REALLY?

John and Noah went to get him and load him up in the trailer and bring him home where he continued to throw a fit because he did NOT want to be separated from all his new friends. In fact, this morning, I woke up to him bellowing in the corral where we put him in a wooden fence hoping he wouldn’t figure out a way to get out of that. Instinct can be pretty powerful I guess!

All I can say is that butchering day can’t come quickly enough. I enjoy having a cow around….but as they get this big……and troublesome….I’m ready for some steak. ANYONE HUNGRY?

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