Coming Home!

I just got back from ten days away from the ranch due to traveling related to Artios Academies. It’s that time of year again when staff training, parent meetings and much more seem to cover up the calendar and schedule. While the trip was wonderful and much was accomplished, I could not wait to get home. When I finally stepped off the plane in Denver, I found myself virtually running through the terminal and racing in the car to see how fast I could get home. The dry air, the closeness of the sun, the wide open spaces, and few crowds of people all made me take a big, deep and cleansing breath.

The best part of any trip is coming home and this trip was no exception. As I got closer and closer to the ranch, I could not believe how excited I was and when I got out to open the gate, I felt my whole body start to relax and of course, there is nothing better than the hugs I received from my husband and precious son.

There are times when there are things about the city that I miss…..but I wouldn’t go back for a million dollars. The “inconveniences” of living in a rural setting are nothing compared to the simple, every day pleasures that we experience. As I rode Zander off property yesterday with Jared on his horse beside me, I was once again reminded of what’s important….and what’s precious!

As we come up on the one year anniversary of being on this ranch, I will freely admit that it has been a year of challenges and even struggles. Things haven’t exactly gone as planned in any area of our lives over the past year….but I’m so thankful to have been able to share this place with so many people over the past year….and pray that as we continue to manage this place, that the opportunities to bless people with a glimpse of God’s creativity will continue to grow.


2 thoughts on “Coming Home!

  1. What a great account!! Well written!!! The continuation of a good beginning of a book!!

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