New and Updated!

Random thoughts about country life….updated a little! Some of you may have seen a similar post to this before…about 6 years ago..right after we moved to the middle of nowhere …..but I thought it was about time for a “light hearted” blog and this one still gives me a chuckle. I’ve deleted a few on the list as my “opinion” is constantly changing.


Things I like about living in the country:

1. Waking up and hearing my horse asking me to be fed
2. Sleeping with the windows open
3. Walking out to my horse, and hearing her greet me with a great big “whinnie” …or whatever you call it.
4. Having my horse eat out of my hand.
5. Getting my horse up to a lope and have the wind blowing and feeling like I’m as free as the wind (are we sensing a theme here!)
6. No highway noise
7. People always raise their hand in greeting when you pass them in a car
8. Very little “dirt road” noise usually known as street noise
9. No city lights to keep you from seeing the stars at night
10. Feeling like there is time to think about people….rather than processes and product.
11. It’s NORMAL to wear jeans or work clothes around your property.
12. Your dog can run around without a leash.
13. The deer that come up to the bottom of you deck and just stare at you.
14. It’s normal to stock up your pantry and freezer for the winter.
15. The smell of fresh hay bails….bales..or however, you spell it.
16. The smell of a leather saddle
17. The fact that an auction is a HUGE event that draws lots of people
18. The fact that a burro race draws a crowd.
19. The fact that you start to recognize other customers at the grocery store because you see them there each week.
20. New wildflowers every week
21. Homemaking skills seem more valued…..but that’s just my opinion.
22. My kids ask about new chores that they can do outside because it makes them feel kind of like “pioneer” and do it your selfers….and more self-sufficient.
23. People ask you to come and can peaches TOGETHER because it is more fun to work together.
24. When friends go into the “big city”, they ask others if there is anything they need that they can pick up for them when they are in town.
25. Getting stuck out in a rain storm with just me and Zander (my horse)
26. People actually hunt to have meat during the winter
27. Exploring new “towns” with history
28. Seeing my husband enjoy the things he has dreamed about for so long!!!!!!!!!!!
29. Watching my kids get comfortable around big animals and wildlife.
30. Watching Jordan with the horses…..who seem to instinctively be drawn to him.
31. Feeling like company can come here and REALLY relax.

Things about country life that I’m not exactly crazy about:

1. The birds that keep doing a kamikaze flight into our big windows on the front of the house
2. Flies that gather around the horse poop
3. Moths and flies that somehow make their way into the house no matter what you do.
4. No hospital really close by
5. Not having all the know-how necessary to do the things I want to do in this new situation we live in
6. Feeling like the novice at EVERYTHING even though I’ve always dreamed about doing all these things
7. Facing the fact that I need to be more organized in order NOT to forget things when we go to town
8. Having to make new friends…..when I’m still missing the “old” ones
9. Never knowing if I will have cell service when I’m driving in the mountains.
10. Being told that the two $40 bits we just bought for the horses were the wrong type….and that they are “worthless” and that we have to go get another type for BOTH horses.

Things I have learned or am learning:

1. Don’t set your favorite swing (with awning) out in the pasture and trees when you get 50 mile an hour winds at times.
2. READ AND FOLLOW the high altitude directions when making brownies.
3. NEVER go out to see who is honking in your driveway…you may end up buying a caseload of meat for the freezer.
4. Don’t leave your dog outside if you expect the deer to actually stay in your yard.
5. Dirty windows MAY be an advantage for birds that can’t tell a window from the sky………when your windows are clean. (May the hummingbird rest in peace!)
6. Don’t walk in a pasture in sandals…….cactus and thorns are a bit painful.
7. Always close the air vents on your van when traveling down a dirt road.
8. Don’t get TOO dressed up for church on Sundays during the summer in Colorado. You will look “weird.”
9. You can get ALOT of joy out of watching your kids play without toys but rather seeing them play with NOTHING in the middle of a field.
10. Nature itself provides alot of free entertainment.
11. Keeping a grocery list is VITALLY important.
12. Taking the grocery list with you when you GO to town is equally important.
13. Keeping a list of things you need from the BIG CITY is VITALLY important.
14. Taking that Big City list with you when you to the big city is equally important.
15. Always fill your gas tank when you are “in town.
16. Plan your mailing needs……for once a week…..since you must go into town to mail anything.
17. If your cell phone can’t get service, people will get ahold of you some other way. Believe me!
18. The internet has made the world a MUCH smaller place.
19. People may live in different parts of the country, have different customs or traditions, but they still are in need of friends and more importantly, they still are in need of a Savior..because people everywhere, no matter where they live…….have fallen short of the glory of God.
20. Remember that you are TWO HOURS EARLIER when calling your friends back on the east coast.
21. He who wants friends….must show himself (or herself) friendly.
22. You really CAN go outside without your makeup on!


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