Reflections of Who I Am

It’s funny how we can sometimes think of people in only one “category”. Most of the time we define someone by what they do. However, you and I both know that God created people to be multi-faceted….to have lives and meaning far beyond what they “do”.

Some people think the only thing I do is work with home educated students and families! Why, just last year, when I was up to my eyeballs finish up Jordan’s senior year of homeschooling and still homeschooling Jared, a 7th grader, I had a sweet parent ask me to make some phone calls for her because she was still homeschooling and I was done. I had to chuckle!

Well, the fact is that I DO do ALOT of work in and around the homeschool community…..and so does John! However, our lives have been about more than that….as I’m sure your life has been about far more than what people might recognize at first glance.

Our lives are filled with family, faith, friends, fun and sometimes even fiery trials! We love our God, love each other, love our kids, love living in the middle of nowhere (after years in a HUGE city), love hiking, love horses, love concerts, and so much more.

I know your life is the same way! It is so much more “diversified” than others might think. So, I thought, based on that fact, I’d give you a bit of a glimpse into a bit of what the Lane family is like……a glimpse into more of who I am……wife, mother, teacher, and so much more.

Enjoy…..and don’t forget the video link at the bottom!

We love horses and run a boarding and training facility in Colorado.

I have been involved in arts education for 29 years and have loved every minute of it. The last theater production I was privileged to direct was White Christmas – The Musical.

Our family: Christmas 2010. God gave us the four young men by birth and the two young ladies through marriage.

John Michael, Windy, Jared, John, Me, Jessica, Jeremy and Jordan!

Jordan…….our resident cowboy and aspiring rancher!

Sunrise on the ranch!

Hiking and Exploring….a family past time for years. Yep, that’s me!

Jared…….after helping Tallulah give birth to sweet Cuddles! Jared loves raising goats!

John and Lori……28 years of marriage!

Jeremy and Jessica

John and Windy

The high school, home school choir I started in Atlanta…..still going strong! What a privilege to work with students like this!

John, Me and baby Emma….minutes after she was born!

Baby Emma! What a precious gift!

and last but certainly not least…….The Story of the Lane Family!

(thanks Lukas and Susanna)


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