Big Game!

I read a great post the other day on The author was talking about her reaction to butchering their first steer. We recently did the same thing. However, the big difference was that butchered the steer themselves…and we, well, I guess we did the wimpy thing and took “Blackie” to the butcher and had someone else do it for us.

Nevertheless, that first meal that Blackie provided us with…was a bit of a stretch for me. I had a hard time not remembering him….as he had been with us for over a year. However, I will admit that after a couple bits of ribeye steak, I quickly got over it. SO thankful for Blackie and his sacrifice to fill our two freezers. There is something about having a freezer full of meat that we know for SURE how it was raised, treated, what it was fed etc.etc. is a comforting thing.

Just another aside…..a few years ago….we had another “big game” animal on our property….a cinnamon bear…and no, it wasn’t the candy type. He actually came up on our deck and looked in the front door. Because he later broke into another house, he was put down by one of local game wardens….who by the way, also has his son playing baseball with John’s high school baseball team. I LOVE living in a rural community.

Well, that’s my random post for today. Going to start a series about chickens soon….as chick season is just around the corner for us.


One thought on “Big Game!

  1. I always read your writing and think it is great!! I look forward to your posts on your blog. Keep it up!!

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