Managing vs. Owning!

It’s kind of a strange feeling when you are living on a property and you manage the property but you don’t own the property. As I mentioned when I first began blogging, we are managing this ranch in hopes of owning it in the near future. I must admit that it has been a FULL time job in many respects….just trying to get it producing income from the boarding, barn and ranch related activities. It has been and continues to be quite the challenge.

BUT OH MY! How rewarding it has been to be on this roller coaster of a ride……a HUGE learning curve……while working together as a family……and deliberately arranging circumstances and events that allow us to share this place with others. My prayer is that we can continue to do so…….that we can continue to bring in boarders and business and that we can continue on this learning curve of rural living! Quite the experience!

I recently found, as I mentioned yesterday, a blogger, Their journey sounds so similar to ours. There is an ebook available at that site, The Custom Homestead, that takes you on a 21 day journey of really thinking and planning for what you REALLY want your homestead to be. Now, I know we have been on this property a year and a half….and have been out here in rural Colorado for almost six years. We have done lots of planning, thinking, trying new things etc…..and we have chosen a direction to go. However, there is something about this book that rings true and that I think I can profit from by going through these steps yet again and re-evaluating what we are doing and where we are headed. You know the verse: “In the multitude of counselors, there is safety”

So over the next three weeks, I’m going to walk the journey through this book and share that journey with you. I’ll share how it relates to what we have already accomplished and how it helps us move towards our desired homestead.

I hope you will join me and if you are on your own homestead journey, whether that is in an urban or rural setting, I sure hope you will share that journey with me.


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