Day One With “Your Custom Homestead”

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had stumbled upon a wonderful homesteading site complete with an amazing e-book: “Your Custom Homestead”. This book takes you through 21 days of Brainstorming, Prep Work, and Let’s Do it sections. Now granted, our family has done our own process of this over the past few years. However, this book is a welcome reminder, affirmation and review of things we have done in the past and it presents these steps in such an organized and step-by-step manner, that it is a great refresher course and a course that will help us correct some mis-steps we may have made along the way.

You can find this e-book at No, I don’t know the author….we’ve never met…but thanks to the internet, I have found someone on a similar journey from whom I can learn.

Now….for my day one journey toward my “custom homestead”.

I’ve always been a “notebook” girls. I learned it through the private school I went to starting in 5th grade. I guess you could call that school….notebook fanatics. We had a notebook for every subjects, and within that notebook were dividers teaching us organization within that notebook. We even had to turn in each notebook quarterly, to have it inspected and graded.

Now, that might sound strange, but I assure you that it has been a HUGE help for me over the years. It taught me organizational skills that I don’t believe I would have learned in another manner. I’ve continued to use notebooks throughout my adult life. I have a notebook for every theatrical production I have ever directed or produced, every subject I have ever taught, every arts or academic program I have ever designed, for all my recipes, for all my home ideas….and the list goes on. When it came time for my guys to graduate from our “home school” I even put together notebook portfolios for their college interviews and auditions. Notebooks are awesome!

So, you can imagine my delight when Day One of “Your Custom Homestead” was: Create a Homesteading Binder. YIPPEE! SOOOOO, exciting to me. AND, perfect timing as well because tomorrow we head down the mountains into Denver for our day at Artios Academies With gas prices sky-rocketing, we really have to plan our trips into town for “supplies”. So, based on what Jill Winger, the author of “Your Custom Homestead” has written for this day’s activity, I have put together a list of things I need to pick up for my homesteading binder. Right now, we have a binder for the horses who live here with us….all six of them, plus the boarders….but honestly, it is not in order. She suggests having everything relating to the homestead in one binder and even lists the categories for dividers. Brilliant!

At one point, this crossed my mind and thus, the horse binder was established. But honestly, we have been on such a learning curve that I haven’t gotten the a complete binder system set up. So, this morning, before I start on my other “to do” list, I’m going to gather all the ideas that I have printed out, all the goals we have set, all the phone numbers, receipts, budgets, animal paperwork, gardening history, and a freezer/pantry inventory (and there is more on the list) so that when I have the supplies, I can put this binder together quickly.

Tomorrow….Jill has me spending Day Two thinking about the “why” behind our decision to homestead. OH…and by the way, you don’t have to live in rural America to homestead and have that homesteading spirit. She writes about that in the preface portion of the book.

So excited to have someone walking me back through this process in a logical and methodical manner. Thanks Jill!

Faith and Courage,



2 thoughts on “Day One With “Your Custom Homestead”

  1. How exciting to read about your experiences with all your notebooks!

  2. I just read that book and loved it. You could work a long time on the projects in that book and never even leave the city.

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