Day Three With Your Custom Homestead

Okay…..well, I’m working on our mission statement. I thought I had it basically done until I sat down and went through it all with my husband. Found out that I THINK we are saying the same thing, but feel like it should be said emphasizing differing elements of the statement.

When thinking of how I see our mission statement involving this property, I would list:

– glorifying God

– encouraging other families (in many ways)

– celebrating and sharing rural heritage

– emphasizing life skills and the application of Biblical principles to our own family and in the lives of others

Now….how to say that in a way that reflects both of our personalities and priorities. Easier said than done.

Here is what we have come up with so far, but we are not at ALL satisfied with it.

“To glorify God, encourage strong families, celebrate our rural heritage, and teach Biblical principles and important life skills to our family and others within a rural setting that strips away distractions and emphasizes what is really important.”

See….it just doesn’t sound right.  It doesn’t sound enough like us.  It sounds kind of rehearsed.

Have any ideas or input?

Faith and Courage,



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