Day Five: Beginning With The End In Mind….again!

The Girls

On day five, Jill Winger of, titles this day’s activity as:  A Glimpse of the Finished Product.  Well, that concept definitely rang true for me since I’ve even written a book entitled:  Beginning With the End In Mind.  Up to this point, we have had multiple pictures of a finished product….and sometimes conflicting pictures. We have found it difficult to really picture, in detail, what our finished product at the ranch will be.  It’s like there are so many options, and coupled with such a desire to make it work, so many suggestions coming in from everybody and anybody, that it just gets a bit overwhelming.  There are some ideas that sound “cool” and totally seem to fit and be doable in this setting, and yet, with too many plates spinning at the same time, and we end up chasing our tails around in a circle. Exhausting!

So I am driven back to the task of completing and tweaking our mission statement….the ever elusive mission statement.  Here is where we are with it…in case you missed day three!

“To glorify God, encourage strong families, celebrate our rural heritage and traditions, and teach Biblical principles and important life skills to our family and others within a rural setting that strips away distractions and emphasizes what is really important.”

Based on that mission statement, when John and I discuss what the ranch looks like in its finished state, that picture would include:

-A menagerie of animals that both supply our family with food and who also give our guests a glimpse of a ranch lifestyle

-Lodging that would accommodate both men’s, women’s, students and family retreats.

-Gathering room for group sessions that would include worldview teaching, life skill etc.

-Trees planted throughout the property to provide a wind break for the house, the cabins, and specific portions of the property.  (yes….we have BAD wind here in the winters…..last night they were clocked at 109 mph by the Colorado State Patrol.

-Activites for our family and for our guests that include hiking, backpacking, interaction with the animals, ranch skills, horse back riding and more.

As far as how our lifestyle would look, it’s important to consider that our family is a huge priority for us so we want to have scheduled times when we welcome guests and other times that are blocked out for just our family’s life on the ranch.  Time for planning and preparation and time for ministering and serving.  We want to be sure to continue to have a consistent family-oriented lifestyle for our own family while adding the activities we have listed.

We want the ranch to pay for itself through boarding and the animals.

Wow….is this too idealistic!  Too big a dream?

Well…..dreaming big is part of the process I guess!

Jill said in this chapter: “Do not let your less-than-ideal circumstances stop progress.”

We are still facing an uphill climb…but oh, we do relish an adventure!


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