Day Six On My Journey to The Custom Homestead

Prioritize! That was my assignment for today. So, following the instructions given in the book, I pulled out our mission statement (still a work in progress), our goals and projects, and the description of what we wanted the end result to look like on the ranch. Based on thoughtful consideration of those items, I was supposed to come up with a priority list.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? However, I have never seen so many project multiply on a property or business in my entire life. I have spent years looking at magazines, studying bed and breakfast sites, studying homesteading books and more so combined with the fact that I’m an idea person anyway, you can always count on me to have multiple projects at the same time.

However, about year into our stay here, I realized that this situation here was different. Too many projects going at the wrong season meant that crucial and vital things didn’t get done and ended up waiting another year to complete because of weather or other responsibilities. Living here means that we have to adjust to the seasons and their weather more than we ever have before. So, keeping all that in mind, and keeping in mind exactly what is coming up for us here at the ranch, and what is most important….we came up with a list of priorities based on the fact that we want to share the ranch experience with others. Here is what is on the docket for the summer:

– 2, 5 day HOTM Outpost retreats
– Survival Skills workshops for boys and their dads
– 1 week of Artios Student Leadership Summit
– 2 weekends of South Park Heritage Retreats
– Clinic/Workshop for City Slickers: “Which Came First, the Chicken Or The Egg?”
and I’m sure we will be adding more.

SO that means our priorities moving forward are:

– getting the gardens in and building the frames that we bought materials for last year and then got sidetracked

– buying some more chickens for our own use, Jared’s egg business, guest cooking needs, and the ranch experience for our guests

– finding 2-3 more inexpensive trail horses to add to the gang

– preparing for the baby goats due in early July

– preparing lodging in addition to the cabin that is already here (we have figured out a way to do this spending little to no money…interested?….that will be a whole different blog series)

– collecting inexpensive odds and ends of furniture and accessories to complete the “glamping” experience

– making furniture for the deck including deck chairs and picnic tables out of free, recycled pallets (another blog series perhaps)

– preparing a “ranch store” for our guests

Thankfully, Jordan is coming home mid-May and is excited about helping us get ready. Our summer really cranks up mid-June with the weather actually is warm here at an altitude of 9500 feet.

So there you have it. These are the things we will be focusing on while the weather is still a bit unruly. These are our priorities based on our desired “end result”, our projects and ultimately that work in progress called a mission statement.

Tomorrow’s assignment: Don’t Be In A Hurry!


One thought on “Day Six On My Journey to The Custom Homestead

  1. I am glad you are persevering on this. It is always interesting!!

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