Day Eight and Nine: Organizing and Prioritizing Finances

This was pretty easy since we had kind of talked about these things prior to these assignments. We have a tight financial picture when it comes to being able to add anything new so when were coming up with ideas, goals and projects during the first week, we, by necessity had to keep that in mind.

One thing we have learned by living in this environment is the truth of the depression era statement quoted in, The Custom Homestead, when it states: “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”
So we are constantly looking for ways to meet our goals and accomplish projects by reusing various materials. We kept that in mind when trying to determine the projects that we felt could help us meet our goals going into this summer.

For some of our lodging and furniture needs, we will be utilizing the newest craze of reusing pallets and I plan to feature that process on this blog. We will be looking for other needs related to our animals and animal related activities on and of course and for some of our glamping needs we will look at flea markets, thrift stores, Goodwill etc. My mom has said that she has lots and lots of linens and sheets that have never been used that she would be happy to send our way and that will be a HUGE help.

One thing that Jill Winger states in this part of the book was really helpful to keep in mind as we think through what we can and can’t do financial. “If all else fails and the budget just won’t budget, simply stick with the aspects that you can afford. and then again when she states, “It is important to balance frugality with common sense.”

Another profitable two days and time well spent with Jill Winger’s, Your Custom Homestead.

Faith and Courage,



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