Day 11: Watch and Learn

It’s one thing to read about breeding a goat and all that that entails….but it is a completely different thing for someone to actually be involved in that process. After all the reading I’ve done on chickens, goats and horses, there is nothing like really getting out there and trying my hand at it.

Jill, in her book, Your Custom Homestead, suggests trying to find mentors that will walk us through various aspects and skills related to homesteading. Fortunately, when it came to canning, a sweet friend, Ann, helped me through my first set of peaches and gave me some pointers as to high altitude gardening.

However, when it comes to horses, goats and chickens….well, that’s been a learn by trial and error method. When it came to raising a steer, we had some neighbors that were able to help us walk through things and when some things came up unexpectedly with the horses, the vet always gets a call. I think one of the reasons we are passionate about life at the ranch is that we want to share the lifestyle with others and truthfully, there aren’t alot of people out there that have these skills anymore….so whether we have to learn them by reading, finding a mentor or simply by trial and error, we plan on getting these skills conquered as best we can.

One thing I wish I had a mentor for is goat cheese making. Oh I can make all kinds of soft cheese and I can flavor it and it is delicious….but I can’t seem to make any other type of cheese. I admit….I turned and looked at tomorrow’s reading from Jill’s book, and she talks about an e-course that should help with that. SEE! If you can’t find someone local to be your mentor, to “watch and learn” from….perhaps you can find someone via technology. Amazing!


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