Day 14: Journey to My Custom Homestead

Yes! Definitely!

It is important to know your local resources but sometimes they are hard to find.

For example, when we needed hay we had to find someone that could vouch for us that we were “good” people before we could buy hay from them.  When you are new in a rural community, sometimes you can be the outsider and have to go through a period of “proving” yourself to the community.  So….in our journey to find local resources, we’ve had to knock on doors, make calls, take time to chat, visit, “chew the fat”, and get to know people.  And you know what, we’ve enjoyed doing it!

It’s been a joy to be forced to slow down enough to carry on conversations, no matter how trivial they might appear at first.  There is a joy and a grounded feeling when you take the time to really get to know the people that make up your community.

It’s also been a challenge because our resources are so far apart distance wise.  We have resources that are hours away from us that we have found by talking to people close by. We have found resources in, in the local newspaper, by word of mouth, by community bulletin boards, through 4H, rec sports and more….but it has taken us a while to get plugged in that’s for sure.  So writing them down, putting their contact info in one, easy to find place, has been important because along the way, we’ve lost some that would have been very helpful because we didn’t have a system….but NOW we do!

Faith and Courage,



One thought on “Day 14: Journey to My Custom Homestead

  1. Yes, such a good reminder to *write it all down* lest I lose my new resources just as soon as I’ve found them!

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