Planning Ahead!….or not?

Stocking up before the snow flies

Time seems to just fly by since we moved out to Colorado.  It’s not that it moves any faster than in the city but rather, that there is an urgency that comes with various seasons of the year that require us to be focused and really work hard based on the seasons and how they affect our lifestyle at the ranch.  Some seasons are MUCH busier than others.  As spring begins to roll around and we head into the summer you can feel the new life and it’s heartbeat quicken the pace to which we all have to walk.

For us, winter is probably the slowest time of year, followed by spring.  Those seasons are slower because of the weather.  For us, winter starts up in November and NORMALLY ends around mid-May.  (not the case this year, since we currently have 60 degree weather at the ranch)  Once mid-May hits, it’s time to dig out from winter, prepare for planting, births of baby animals, ranch guests and as the summer arrives we are hosting clinics, guests, working with baby animals and so much more.  Of course, fall means harvest and a plethora of other activities that are needed to get us ready for yet another winter.

SO, when Jill Winger, author of The Custom Homestead encourages us to plan ahead on Day 15 of her 21 journey to the custom homestead, she is giving really, REALLY good advice.  With time moving so fast, I have indeed missed windows of opportunity for planting, for buying chicks, for building projects, for fruits and vegetables in season and much more.

Jill encourages getting year at a glance pages for your homestead binder.  And, I found some on the internet that I could download and print out for free.  However, so far, on those pages, all I have are the expected birth dates of the baby goats.  I didn’t write down the dates for incoming chicks in the varieties I want, nor have I put in the expected “picking” dates for various fruits and vegetables, or the planting dates for the things I want to grow this summer.  Sheesh!  Will I ever learn.  So, later today or early in the morning, I’m going to pull some of those details together and get them on my calendar.  I also think it would be a really good idea to get a GIANT yearly calendar that I can put all upcoming “events” on for the entire family to see.  I need to include ranch events, Artios events, family dates, and more…to keep us all on the same page and to avoid those unpleasant surprises.

I’m away from home today.  We have a Fiddler on the Roof Jr. rehearsal in Denver so I won’t be home until this evening and am looking forward to a quiet family evening on the ranch. The school year is quickly coming to a close and that is SO hard to believe but SO welcome!  YAY!

So, planning for the busiest seasons of the year ranching year should be a priority on my schedule.

Faith and Courage,





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