Feeling a Bit Fragile – Day 16 – Journey to Custom Homestead

Woke up feeling a bit fragile this morning!  You have probably felt the same thing.  Life moving so fast…..lists so long that you know they will never be completed…..and knowing that you are “missing it” sometimes because you are so head down into the tasks before you.  When I start feeling like this, I get ansy…..a bit emotional…..and start feeling like a failure.

Day 15 on the Journey to Custom Homestead is about “just getting started”.  Just yesterday, I ran across a journal that contained a list of all the things I wanted to do once we moved to Colorado.  I have accomplished most of them so I should feel good about it right.

Yet, there are days I wake up feeling like I do today….that I will never succeed at getting on top of anything.  When I feel like that, it is usually a sign that I’ve been working too hard and too long without a break……so today, instead of “just getting started” on a homestead project on my list, I’m going to rest, have family time, and try and just take a deep breath.

It’s early Sunday morning…..so quiet, so peaceful…..just the early morning sounds of the chickens, the goats and the horses.  As I sit here with my coffee and my computer, I can see the sun just starting to hit the tops of the mountains and I am reminded that a God that can move mountains also promised that if I have faith, even the size of a grain of mustard seed, my own personal “mountains” can also be moved.

So for today, I’m taking a deep breath and trusting that what He says is true.

Faith and Courage,



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