Plant Something Edible: Day 18 On My Journey to My Custom Homestead

I’m really working hard at fulfilling this day’s assignment of planting something edible.  It’s been quite the struggle to grow anything at an altitude of 9400 feet above sea level.  Our last frost date is June 10th and our first frost of fall comes sometime in late August, so our growing season is short and the soil leaves much to be desired.

This year, however, I’m trying some new approaches.  I have started some herbs inside in the windowsill and John and Jared have built some raised beds for me to try veggies in.  In addition, we came across a gentleman giving away several whiskey barrels and I picked up three so that I could put tomato plants in those.  We will bring in soil and when the frost date has passed, I will put already started plants in the ground.

I’ve worked hard at making sure I have a plan to each raised bed plot and I’m finding my hopes raising with each sunny day that passes.  I can’t wait to set out some flowers as well in containers around the very large deck that we have.  I just have to make sure that the goats stay off the deck.  HA!   Oh the challenges of country life.


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