Take the Animal Plunge: Day 19 On My Journey to My Custom Homestead


Well, in all actuality we have already taken the animal plunge.  Just two months after moving to Colorado we got our first two horses, followed quickly by chickens and then Angora rabbits.  However, our adventure with Angora rabbits was very short lived because we just were not as “into them” as we thought we would be.  They take alot of care with the brushing of their long hair and the cleaning of their huts etc.  We did breed them and had one litter but after realizing that we had caused ourselves some unneeded stress and had some animals we didn’t really enjoy, we found a good home for them and moved on.

Because of a medical condition of one of our children, we decided to try goats milk and goats milk products.  Although our child was unable to tolerate even that type of dairy product, we still kept the goats and they have become a hobby for our 14 year old.  We started out with two, one of which was expecting.  Jared read and researched all about goats and the birthing process and when the birth occurred, he was there helping his goat and delivered a beautiful baby goat.  Then began in the milking process.  Now, we have five females and a buck and all five females are pregnant in early to mid-summer.  I can’t wait.  That was one of the most special experiences we’ve had since moving here.  Watching Jared grow through the process and being there with him, was very special.  We even filmed it!

We have raised one steer who is now in the freezer and is the best beef I have EVER eaten and we will start another one soon.  We now have six horses, six goats, thirty chickens, 1 dog and 1 cat.  I love it!  I’m hopeful with the start of warm weather and some better health, I will be outside more and around those animals.  It’s therapeutic.  No plans to add any additional animals any time soon….especially with the baby goats arriving shortly.


One thought on “Take the Animal Plunge: Day 19 On My Journey to My Custom Homestead

  1. This is so interesting and gives a well-rounded picture of all you have done. What great writing!!! I always look forward to each one. This is the start of another of your books!!!

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