Set Aside A Day Of Rest: Day 21 on My Journey to My Custom Homestead

Out of all of the 21 days of assignments, this one is probably the most challenging.  With so much to do and with that “to do” list surrounding us night and day, it has been very easy to allow that list and the projects on it to overtake our lives.  Between the ranch and owning another business, challenging economic times and a learning curve, it’s been a challenging two years.  I’m anxious to get this day’s assignment, setting aside a day of rest, and become almost legalistic about it for awhile in order for us to establish better habits in this area.

So, after we return from a brief jaunt to California to “retrieve” our third son, we are going to choose one day of the week that will be strictly reserved as a day of rest.  The author of Your Custom Homestead says that a day of rest does not mean that “you have to stay in bed and watch movies all day” but instead it is a day when we take a break from the deadlines, projects and urgency usually felt in farm and ranch life.  She is right when she says, “If you are waiting for all of your projects to be finished before you allow yourself to take a break, then you are going to be waiting for a very long time.”

So, on our day of rest we are going to do something fun with our family, something different from our usual routine.  I’m sure establishing this as a hard and fast habit will be difficult but I’m sure the results will be well worth the effort.


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