New Series: Things My Grandmother Knew

I’ve been thinking alot about my grandmother lately.  It’s been two years since she passed away and I miss her terribly. She knew so much about so many things…about things that most of us don’t even think of teaching our own children and perhaps, things that our own generation doesn’t know.  I ran across a book recently that talks about just that….How to Sew A Button: And Other Things Your Grandmother Knew by Erin Bried.  Reading through it, even casually, has reminded me of so many things my grandmother taught me and other things I wish I would have been more attentive about.

So…over the next few posts…for however long this topic holds my interest, I’m going to go through some of those topics…those that I have already learned and those things that I still need to learn or wish I could learn.  I hope you will join me on this journey!  Should be pretty interesting!



One thought on “New Series: Things My Grandmother Knew

  1. I am thankful to read your blog today and look forward to the future ones. I admire people who appreciate their heritage.

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