Things My Grandmother Knew: Quilting

Oh man!  This is one thing I wish I had learned.

I have quilts made by my great-grandmother. Quilts made by my grandmother and quilt tops and quilt blocks made by my grandmother just WAITING for me to figure out how to do it.

I almost got started shortly after moving out here.  I decided what quilt top I was going to finish, bought the batting, the coordinating trip and backing and then just never got things off the ground.  I almost feel ashamed when I think of how many my grandmother and great grandmother completed during their lives.

They made some simple block quilts, crazy quilts, log cabin quilts, and others.  BUT, my favorite was the double wedding ring style.  It’s tiny blocks and delicate stiching with my favorite shape (the circle) all intertwined together made it a remarkable piece of art to me.  I have one in particular that I treasure and watch over like a hawk.

SO…now, I face a dilemma.  Since both my great-grandmother and grandmother have passed away, WHO is going to be patient enough to teach me.  I’ve tried reading books about it…but it is such a big undertaking to start all alone.  I really don’t want to take a “class” at some craft store. That seems so impersonal.  AND, I’m not sure I want to join a quilting group where I don’t know anyone.  SO, I don’t know where to go from here.  BUT, this is one thing my grandmother knew, that I wish I would have learned.


5 thoughts on “Things My Grandmother Knew: Quilting

  1. Christopher Ottinger

    You do remember that my mother quilts right? And she learned it from my father’s mother. Just ask, she would be willing to help.

  2. I do believe we have a lot of lost arts out there and I just had my Grandma pass away so I know what you mean she was always willing to share her wisdom with me. I know I could call my Grandma and bug her all day long and she never minded there is something special about that relationship! Her quilts are just breathtaking! Thanks for linking up last week to the Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post blog hop! I just posted another linky if you have more you would like to share! 🙂

  3. What a memory-arousing blog entry!!! Thank you for taking on this project!!!

  4. I understand the desire to learn the things our grandparents knew. I never knew anyone who quilted while growing up but desperately wanted to learn. So l started blog hopping until I found some great tutorials and instructions. I have now completed eleven quilts in 15 months. And each one gets better as I learn more. Start with a small quilt and you will find it isn’t as scarey as you once thought 🙂 and I’m sure your grandma would be so proud for your effort.

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